After three months of traveling around Oregon – this past weekend, we finally made our way to another state! I’m so behind on blogging. I still need to write about our time in Bandon, Silverton, ITALY, Winchester Bay, Florence and North Bend. I promise, those blog posts are coming! Somehow, September snuck up on me.

We had an amazing trip to Italy and when we got home, we had some work done on the rig. Kevin decided that a suspension upgrade was needed and although it was spendy – it was SO worth it! The rig drives so much better now. We got anti-sway bars installed on the front and back, and upgraded our shocks. Kevin says it’s like driving a Lincoln Towncar now instead of driving a house! (except on Los Angeles roads . . .but I’ll talk about that more later!)

The week we were in Portland getting the work done, the temperatures were over 100. It has been SO HOT in Portland this summer! We were happy to spend most of August at the coast with much cooler temperatures (about 30 degrees!) and cool breezes.

We took three days to drive from North Bend, Oregon to San Diego, California. I grew up in San Diego and my dad and his wife live in Temecula, so we had planned on spending about a month here. Temecula is in the desert and the temps are high during the summer, so we were trying to wait it out in Oregon. We decided it would be fun to spend a week on the bay in San Diego and made reservations at Mission Bay RV Park which another full timer had suggested. It is probably the most expensive week we have paid for an RV park so far, but we are really enjoying the fact that we can ride our bikes around the bay! It’s humid in San Diego, which is not typical. Not my favorite . . but Kevin doesn’t seem to mind it.

Our first day of the drive down we spent the night in a small town called Weed, California near Mount Shasta. The smoke driving through Oregon and Northern California was terrible. There is a fire burning near the coast of Oregon in Brookings and the smoke from the fire was thick. It was nice because it kept them temperature down in the mornings, but Kevin and I both had burning eyes and throats.

During the drive we attempted to use our generator to run the coach air conditioning, but we couldn’t get it to stay on. A fuse popped as soon as we started to drive, so it was HOT in the rig when we got to Weed! The first thing we did was hook up to the electric (which was unfortunately only 30 amp) and turn on the air! It was a sweet little campground with the nicest people and it had a view of Mount Shasta, but we never really saw it because of the smoke.

The next day, we made our way down to Los Banos. It’s funny how using google maps tells you it’s going to take 4.5 hours yet it always ends up taking around 6 hours! Once again, it was a smoky, hot drive and since we didn’t have a chance to figure out our generator problem, it got to be 92 degrees in the rig! I was so stressed about the cats getting too hot, but we all made it. Once we were plugged in, it took the rig about 6 hours to cool down because it was 108 degrees outside. We stayed in a KOA for the second and probably last time – The positive: it had a pool and we had a little bit of shade on our spot. The negative: it was $50 for the night and the 50 amp was very weak (hence the reason it took so long to cool down and the entire park was dirt.

We got up bright and early on Monday to drive our longest day. The drive itself was easy – straight down I-5, but the roads . . .that is another story. You’ll never really understand how terrible road conditions are until you’re driving an RV. Every time we hit a crack or pothole in the road, it was like an earthquake in the rig. It was terrible and it was that way most of the day. I felt terrible for our poor animals!! It got better as soon as we hit San Diego County – but our nerves were as rattled as the dishes in our cupboards! We were so happy to finally arrive at our destination!

It’s nice to feel like we are finally “on the road” after spending 3 months moving around Oregon. My goal is to catch up on all of the spots we’ve visited since my last post and then post weekly. Feel free to harass me if I’m slacking 🙂

We’re off to Temecula on Sunday and then we are off to Utah to visit all of the National Parks at the end of the month!!

Thanks for following along!