What? You’ve never heard of Crescent, Oregon? Don’t worry, most people in Oregon have never heard of it. It’s a small (I mean REALLY small) town about an hour outside of Bend.

Why did we stay here you might be wondering? It’s close to Crater Lake! But honestly, that’s about all it’s close to!

We stayed in Big Pines RV Park which was a great little park. The sites were spacious and you really couldn’t see your neighbors out every window. The only problem? MOSQUITOS! There were swarms of mosquitos 24/7, no joke. Even if you bathed in bug repellant, a cloud of mosquitos would follow you around looking for an in. It sucked.

The weather was great, but you honestly couldn’t do anything outside unless you wanted to get eaten alive by mosquitos. UGH. We kept telling ourselves, “we’re here to go to Crater Lake” and you know what? It was totally worth it!

It’s hard to believe that Kevin has been in Oregon for almost 27 years and I’ve been here for 19 and neither of us had been to Crater Lake.

Big Pines RV Park is close to the North Gate of Crater Lake, which is only about 40 minutes away. When we arrived, the North Entrance was still closed due to snow on the roads. Crater Lake got ALOT of snow this year, so we could totally understand Рbut we wanted that gate open! The alternative was driving at least an hour and a half to the South Entrance РBOO!!

Lucky for us – it opened on Friday and we went on Saturday! It was A M A Z I N G. The pictures honestly do not do it justice. So if you haven’t been there – GO. It’s beautiful.

It was a perfect day – the sky was clear blue and you almost couldn’t tell where the reflection on the lake started and ended. It was truly spectacular. And there was still snow on the ground! The only thing that could have been better would have been all of the roads being open. We were limited to a small section – I can only imagine how cool it would have been to drive around the entire lake.

Enough of me telling you about it. I’ll just show you . . ..